The InnoSpira program is a collaboration between BJØRK Innovation and Sweco Sweden.


Program for smart & sustainable communities

Our program for smart and sustainable communities – InnoSpira – will help you create better services for citizens, reach the Global Goals, cut costs and create new green jobs.

We establish the InnoSpira programs together with municipalities, publicly owned ports and energy companies in the Nordics, and create local value in close collaboration with academia, local businesses and inhabitants.

The systematic innovation model used in InnoSpira has been developed together with over 15 Nordic municipalities, ports and energy companies. We have over 10 years experience from the smart & sustainable community domains, developed within the European Interoperability Framework for Smart Cities and Communities:

  • Mobility & transport
  • Energy & energy efficiency
  • Water & sanitation
  • Waste & resources
  • Administrative & public services
  • Safety & security
  • Healthcare & well-being
  • Economic development & housing
  • Engagement & community

The InnoSpira program allows for innovation across these sectors, developing novel products and services.

Key features of InnoSpira

EU Mission minded

The InnoSpira approach to innovation and collaboration is completely aligned with the EU Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities. 

The InnoSpira program includes our proven and systematic methodology to bring concrete solutions to local challenges.

The EU Missions focus on impact by putting research and innovation into a new role, combined with new forms of governance and collaboration, as well as by engaging citizens. 

Main program Content

The InnoSpira systematic innovation model consists of the following tools and enablers:

  • Situation & needs analysis
  • Engagement and change management
  • Innovation culture
  • Quadruple helix collabaration
  • Smart community strategy
  • Workshops
  • Project portfolio
  • Funding possibilities
  • Research & Innovation projects
  • Network activities
  • Evaluation

Program management

Our role in the program is to be the neutral program manager who orchestrates the community stakeholders and drives the innovation process towards concrete results. This is always carried out in close collaboration with municipality leaders.

Innovation management involves the process of managing an organization’s innovation procedure, from idea to reality, from projects to long term implementations and from pilots to full scale products and services.

Quadruple helix collaboration

Collaboration across sectors is alpha and omega and we know that every community has its own ways, cultures and methods to collaborate between stakeholders. 

Our role here is to help increase cross-sector collaboration, both between internal departments and with external organisations. 

The goal is to establish arenas, digital, physical or both, where we allow co-creation and innovation to grow. 

Research & Development

We have long experience from both Norwegian and Swedish funding mechanisms as well as Nordic and EU funding programs.

In earlier positions, we have participated in and initiated more than 150 innovation and research projects in quadruple helix collaboration together with municipalities, ports and energy companies.

Project Portfolio

The local project portfolio is developed through a co-creation process including all the InnoSpira program stakeholders.

The projects are prioritized by how well they fulfil the program objectives: create better services for inhabitants, create new local jobs, cut costs for the municipality.

The projects are managed by partners in the program, or external project managers, and shall deliver operative, hands-on results like products and services for the inhabitants. 

The projects may be part of larger municipal plans and strategies, or activities initiated by the local businesses, as long as they provide value for the community.

Team InnoSpira

InnoSpira is a collaboration between BJØRK Innovation and Sweco Sweden. 

Here we are, from left to right: 

Elisabet Spross, Sweco

Thor Moen, BJØRK

Ulrika Holmgren, BJØRK

Marcus Lind Nerhoel, BJØRK

Per Vidar Lundberg, Sweco

Photo: Theodor Zätterström

Photo: Theodor Zätterström

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