Meet our team

BJØRK Innovation was founded by Ulrika, Thor and Marcus.


Thor Moen


Thor holds master’s degrees in both economics, strategy, change, IT and knowledge management.

He loves to work with sustainable and human-oriented innovation programs for cities and communities. He often says that we have many solutions, but what we really need is more people with an operative mindset and capability.

+47 907 73 339

Ulrika Holmgren

CEO & Co-Founder

Ulrika is an energy engineer from the Swedish west coast, dedicated to find smart and sustainable solutions for a better society. 

She holds a M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Systems and has over eight years of experience from working with sustainable cities and communities.

+47 467 46 210

Marcus Lind Nerhoel


Marcus holds a bachelor in international & intercultural communication. He is an expert within sustainable solutions, working with smart cities & communities in research institutes and science parks since 2007.

He is passionate about connecting people, finding new ways to collaborate and build networks that can make the world a better place.

+46 738 956969

Associated partners

BJØRK Innovation collaborates with experts and networks in the fields of innovation management, 
quality measurement, digital service production, energy markets, applied AI and public sector management.

Elisabet Spross

innovation lead, sweco sverige

Elisabet is one of the Swedish pioneers within innovation management and heads up the innovation work at Sweco Sweden.


Ole Petter Finess

Special advisor

Ole Petter offers special advise based on his many years in managing positions in municipalities.

He has 20 years of top management experience from municipalities and 15 years of experience from private consulting companies in community planning with the use of IT-based tools, aimed at the public sector. 

Joel Bergqvist

Ceo, Äventyret

Joel heads up Äventyret, who pursues innovation in service design. Helping you build smarter user experiences, faster.

Samuel Brynolf

Co-founder, Äventyret

Samuel is a co-founder of Äventyret, who pursues innovation in service design. Helping you build smarter user experiences, faster.

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