BJØRK Innovation is a non-profit organization and our co-founders have expertise and experience from innovation and sustainable community development since 2010. We have experience from more than 150 research, development and innovation projects nationally and internationally. We have close cooperation with the smart city network in the Nordic region and EU.

At BJØRK, we put partnerships first and our methodology for cross-sectoral collaboration will help solve complex societal challenges. We work with municipal leaders, energy companies, ports and their local ecosystems of companies, academia and citizens.

Cities and communities are living ecosystems in constant change affected by climate change, migration and social prerequisites. To build viable cities and communities, the need for new and novel working methods has never been more important. We need to organize ourselves in new ways to be able to reach common missions – across sectors and disciplines and with new innovation methodologies.

Only 13% of Swedish municipalities work widely with innovation. 16% collaborate with others and just 7% works systematically with R&D. We want to change this by providing a strategic systematic innovation methodology. This will accelerate innovation in quadruple helix collaboration by implementing structures and methodology to build innovation-promoting cultures.

This is where we can partner up with you. 

Co-founders: Thor Moen, Marcus Lind Nerhoel and Ulrika Holmgren. Photo: @jonaslind.photography
The conductor

Our story

Our story began when Svante Arrhenius (1896) and Rachel Carson (1962) , among others, started to believe that humanity could change the climate on a global scale. Since then, the world really has changed. 

Climate mitigation technologies have reached the return of investment point and the green label has become as important to businesses as being unique on the market. In addition, we glance with wonder at Kate Raworth´s doughnut economy, a visual framework for planetary and social boundaries.

So why is this race still so slow and how do we accelerate the pace to move from idea to reality, from projects to long term implementations and from pilots to full scale products and services? 

Some of the answers are that we need more collaborative partnerships and research-based and needs-driven innovations that break silos and create real value. 

We need those who act, those who dare and those who disrupt. We need public sector, academia, businesses and civil society to come along in a symphony. 

This is what we at BJØRK live for, this is the value proposition we suggest in collaboration with you. We look for collaborations with small and medium sized Nordic municipalities, publicly owned ports and energy companies, to speed up this race. 

We will help you become the conductor who orchestrates the symphony of your community.

Our Mission

We help the public sector to reach their sustainability goals with our Smart City programs for sustainable community development.

As a non-profit, we’re not just in it for the money. We want to contribute to smarter and more sustainable local communities in the Nordics.

We want to be a neutral innovation partner, connecting actors from different sectors in your local eco-system.

Why Choose Us

Smart City Experts​

With over ten years experience from the Smart City sector we know how to turn digital possibilities into value creation.

Operative Approach​

We’re not happy until we see ideas realized and implemented in local communities, creating real value for citizens.

Strategic innovation model

Only 13% of Swedish municipalities work widely with innovation. 16 % collaborate with others and just 7% works systematically with R&D. Our systematic innovation model will help better these figures.


We’re not just in it for the money. We want to contribute to smarter and more sustainable societies as a neutral partner. We are experts in innovative procurement.

Build your smart community with us!​

Get in touch with us to discuss the needs, challenges and opportunities in your local community.